Mountain Climbers MCR - "Blue Skies" premier live at Music City Roots

Apr 17 | Posted by: Craig Havighurst

Today not a single member of the first MH remains, but what we know now could only have evolved through that journey. The pivot point of today’s band is the co-vocalizing of Shilling and new member Molly Cherryholmes, veteran of that unlikely rocket ship of a family bluegrass band. Her penetrating singing and fiddling play foil to Shilling’s unbridled Otis Redding vocal shredding. They’ve built a repertoire and a vibe that will be formally unveiled in May on the new album Blue Skies, the first Mountain Heart release in almost five years. I caught up with Shilling by phone this week and he’s ecstatic about every aspect of the new Mountain Heart. READ MORE

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